From May 25, GNM National Gallery will host the masterpieces from the Royal Library of Turin

24 May 2018

Georgian National Museum and the Embassy of Italy to Georgia, within the Museum Fest, present the exhibition "Geniuses of Renaissance".

An extremely important collection of drawings, created as a consequence of the excellent cultural policy of the King Carlo Albert of Sardinia, is kept in the Royal Library of Turin. The Royal Gallery opened in 1832 (presently the Sabauda Gallery) and the Armeria Reale opened in 1837. To enrich museum collections, In 1839 the King obtained 1850 drawings belonging to Giovanni Volpato (1797-1871) that had previously been scattered within various Italian and foreign collections and later sold in the antique market in Paris. Apart from works by Flemish and Dutch artists, Volpato's collection contained pieces of Italian art (from Renaissance to Neo-Classical epoch), including Leonardo da Vinci's unique series. Nowadays, the collection is preserved in the Royal Library, which is part of the Royal Museums union.

The exhibition will showcase graphic works of the following artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raphael Sanzio, Sandro Botticelli, Giorgio Vasari, Bernardino Pinturicchio, Andrea Mantegna, Giulio Romano, Antonio Pollaiolo, Luca Signorelli, Vittore Carpaccio, Bramantino (Bartolomeo Suardi), Bartolomeo Montagna, Pietro Perugino (Pietro di CristoforoVannucci), Gaudenzio Ferrari, Piero di Cosimo, Fra Bartolomeo (Della Porta), Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola), Raffaellino del Garbo, Giovanni Antonio Sogliani, Bernardino Luini , Baccio Bandinelli, Bernardino Lanino, Rosso Fiorentino, Francesco Salviati (Francesco de' Rossi), Andrea del Sarto, Federico Zuccaro, Girolamo da Carpi, Francesco Primaticcio, Federico Barocci, Annibale Carracci, Giulio Angolo del Moro, Giacomo Palma il Giovane and School of Paolo Veronese.

This project is the result of close cooperation between the Italian Embassy and the Georgian National Museum and is implemented in the frames of the Georgian governmental project Check-in-Georgia. This initiative is supported by: From Italy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and program "VivereALL'Italiana". From Georgia - Ministry of Culture and Sport of Georgia, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Georgian National Tourism Administration. Also, DBA, Salini Impregilo, VTB Bank, Leonardo, Gulf, Anas.


Duration: May 25 - August 26

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