• Arrival at Kutasi airport ;
• Meeting and transfer to the hotel in Kutaisi
• check in to the hotel after 15 pm.
• Free time
• Based on arrival time , a tour in Kutaisi can be organised to Bagrati Cathedral and gelati Academy (Duration 2 hours):

The cathedral of Gelati is situated 11 km westwards from Kutaisi. The Gelati Monastery, with its main buildings erected between the 12th and 17th centuries, was an important religious, cultural and educational center of Georgia. The monastery complex is included in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list and its architecture is well known for wonderful mosaics and frescos. King David the Builder, the most celebrated King of Georgia, is buried in the yard of the monastery.
Bagrati Cathedral, named after Bagrat III – the first king of a united Georgia, started at the end of the 10th century and was completed in the early years of the 11th century. The Cathedral holds special importance in the history of Georgia as an architectural and cultural monument.
• Overnight at the hotel;


• Breakfast at the hotel;
• 10:00 am. Check out and transfer to Prometheus cave in Tskaltubo (30 minutes);
• 10:40 am. Visiting the cave (1 hour): Prometheus Cave is located 40 kilometers from Kutaisi near Tskaltubo. The cave is one of the most popular destinations in the region, and includes various types of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers, and lakes. Each cave in the cluster of six differs significantly from each other in scale and the unique shapes of petrified flowstones found within.
• 11:50 am. Transfer to Tbilisi (3 hour direct drive);
• 14:30 pm. Lunch break is available at the local restaurat near museum (extra cost);
• 15:30 pm. Visiting Stalin Home -Museum in Gori (1 hour);
• 16:50 pm. Visiting cave town of Uphlistsikhe (1,5 hour);
• 18:00 pm. Continuing way to Tbilisi (1 hour);
• 19:00 pm. Check into the hotel in Tbilisi;
• Free time;
• Overnight;


• Breakfast at the hotel;
• 10:00 am. Excursion to Old Tbilisi (duration of excursion, mostly walking 3 hours)
• Highlights of touristic rout and stories about history and modern life in Tbilisi:
• Metekhi temple-The heroic King Vakhtang Gorgasali commissioned the building of the inscribed-the monument in the 5th century. It is dramatically located on the cliff overlooking the Mtkvari River.
• Narikala Fortress – old ruins of Narikala fortress, enjoy the panorama of the city;
• Chardin Street is one of the oldest streets of Tbilisi. Now this is a favorite meeting place for its fancy cafes and clubs, little art salons and galleries. The street got this name in honor of the famous French artist, Jean- Baptiste -Simeon Chardin.
• Old Baths -A touch of Old Tbilisi — the Sulfur Baths, built in 17th century, have subterranean pavilions topped by unique the red brick domes with steam from the hot springs streaming from their tops, giving a magical atmosphere to this historic area of old homes and interesting shops.
• The Bridge of Peace is a bow-shaped pedestrian bridge over the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.
• Anchiskhati church from 6th century , Gabriadze Pupet Theatre;
• 13:30 pm. Lunch available at the iconic Georgia restaurant near Gabriadze Theatre with extra cost;
• 15:00 pm. Transfer to the funicular station to get to the theme Park of Mtatsminda, located on the top of Mtatsminda Mountain and opening best Panorama of the capital;
• 15:30 pm. Free time for visiting the park and photo shooting;
• 16:00 pm. Transfer to Agmashenebeli avenue for visiting the 19th century architecture of the city;
• 17:30 pm. Transfer back to the hotel;
• Free time;
• 19:30 pm. Transfer for dinner to Georgian restaurant;
• 20:00 pm. Dinner with Georgian folk show.
• 22:00 pm. Transfer back to the hotel (30 minutes);
• Overnight.


• 08:00 am. Breakfast at the hotel;
• 09:00 am. Transfer to Kakheti – so called wine region of Georgia (2 hour drive);
• 11:00 am. Visiting old town of Sighnaghi so called city of Love. It is medieval town on the top of the mountain surrounded by wall (1 hour);
• 12:00 pm. Bodbe Monastery is next stop – this place is related to Georgian Holly Figure Sant Nino (4 Century BC) – her grave is having hige impirtance for Geporgians as well as Pilligrimmes from foreign countries;
• 14:00 pm. Tour to Kvareli wine tunnel: introduction with ancient methods of Georgian wine making and culinary activities in Georgian Bread baking as well as in traditional sweet “Churchkhela” making (1,5hour). Upon a wish wine tasting is available.
• Lunch is availabel at the restaurant of winery with extra cost;
• 17:00 pm. Visiting Gremi Monastery and transfer to Tbilisi throgh Gombori Mountains (2 hours);
• 19:00 pm. Free time at the hotel;
• Overnight;


• 09:00 am. Breakfast at the hotel;
• 10:00 am. Check out and Transfer to Kutaisi (3 hour direct drive);
• 10:30 am. On the way visiting Mtakheta- ancient capital of Georgia known for its UNESCO Hertage monuments : Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Cross Monastery. Local flea Market offers variety of hand made souvenirs as well as traditional delight. (duration of excursion 1-2 hour);
• 13:30 pm. Continuing way to Kutaisi ;
• 14:00 pm. Lunch is available at the restauants or Supermarkets on the way can be negotiated with driver (extra cost);
• 17:30- 18:00 pm. check into the hotel  in Kutaisi;
• Free time.
• Overnight;


• Breakfast at the hotel
• 10:00 am. Transfer to Dadiani Palace, Martvili Canyon and Martvili Monastery
• 12:00 pm. Visiting Dadiani Palace in Zugdidi (1 hour)
• 13:30 pm. Transfer to Martvili (
• 14:00 pm. Lunch available on the way local super markets or restaurants(negotiatable with driver);
• 15:50 pm. Visiting Martvili Canyon. (upon weather conditions boat trip will be available with extra cost 15 GEL per person);
• 17:00 pm. Visiting Martvili Monastery (40 minutes)
• 17:50 pm. Transfer to the hotel in Kutaisi (1 hour)
• 19:00 pm. Free time at the hotel.
• Overnight


• Breakfast;
• Check out from the hotel latest by 12 pm.
• Transfer to Kutaisi airport (30 minutes)
• Departure

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